We are an organization that brings volunteers to help your causes. Most of us are young professionals and influencers who want to give back. Before this movement, we might have had trouble finding an outlet for our desire to help, but through C3GB we are putting this personal drive into action in support of causes we are passionate about. Our groups can range from small, intimate groups of 20 people that work on education and awareness to large groups of 150 people that can tackle larger, more difficult projects. Essentially, we are the people power behind your events.


We provide direct assistance. Our focus is on our three main causes: People, Animals and the Environment. So, whether it’s serving food, promoting the adoption of animals or cleaning beaches, we get up close and personal to provide immediate and impactful assistance for your organization and the cause you support. Why do we emphasize this type of work? We want our volunteers to grow from this experience and to connect with your cause, so we want the activities we perform to allow for this opportunity. This might include manual labor, but we want to be clear that we are not a labor force. Our volunteers don’t mind hard work and want to get their hands dirty, but extreme labor or difficult conditions discourages them and is not what we are looking to do.


Wherever we’re needed. Depending on the cause and the organization, we either come to your facility or the location of your event. You tell us where we will be most impactful and we will take care of mobilizing people and bringing energy to the event. Ideally, events will be no more than 1 hour away from the nearest city center. When this happens we can commit more people and put together more impactful events. If your facility is further than this but you still want to collaborate, we can discuss holding events at different locations or other options so that we can be sure to provide you with people to help.


Most events are on weekends to allow for maximum participation, but some of our smaller events take place on weekday evenings. Our dynamic leadership team is capable of scheduling events at really any time of day or any day of the week, but many of our volunteers are working professionals and are only available nights and weekends. We do all that we can to make working with you as effective and rewarding for everyone involved.


We try to work with our partner organizations in the way that makes the most sense, but there are some guidelines, such as:

  • C3GB does not participate in fundraising, meaning we do not sell tickets to events, ask for donations or sell goods/services to raise money for causes. Volunteers are more than welcome to donate to organizations they feel connected to, but our activities are focused on direct assistance and not fundraising.

  • Your organizational mission must be consistent with Our Mission and Values in that it provides direct assistance to People, Animals or the Environment.

  • C3GB partners with organizations who do most of the event production, such as provide supplies, invite those in need, provide transportation, etc. C3GB does not purchase event supplies or provide transportation largely for liability reasons.

  • We look for established organizations with a track record of well-organized and executed volunteer events as well as a strong infrastructure and network. We want to help your events have a higher impact, but we’re not trying to get involved with the operations of your organization.

  • We prefer events with large group of volunteers. To give you an idea, we like to see between 20-100 volunteers at an event since chapters grow rather rapidly.

  • We like to form a long term partnership with your organization where multiple events (4-12) per year are possible. Ideally, we would like to collaborate on an event at least once per quarter.

  • We expect event facilities to be safe, clean and well-maintained to ensure the safety of volunteers.

  • Events should keep C3GB volunteers together. One of the secrets of C3GB events is the combined energy that comes from working as a group. If the event breaks into groups smaller than five people, the event much not be as impactful as it could be. This is not set in stone, there are always exceptions, but is something we look for.