We may all be unique, but we all deserve to be treated the same. However, for those with intellectual disabilities, this is rarely the case. People often think of these individuals as “special” cases, which can lead to exclusion. However, this is just simply not fair. There are around 80,000 children living in the United States with an intellectual disability and around 1 in 8 adults live with these conditions as well. This is not something that can be ignored. To give you an idea as to just how many people we are talking about, consider that

  • Approximately 6.5 million people in the United States have a developmental disability, and as many as 200 million worldwide

  • 65% of parents say their child has been bullied more than other children in school

  • 92% of adults with mental disability are able to live independently or with family members.


What we hope to help happen here is to break down barriers and make connections. Given the opportunity, those who might not have spent a lot of time with someone who has a disability will realize that these people are not that different at all.

By putting together social parties, picnics, arts and crafts events, and any other type of community event, we are helping to bring together two groups of people so that they can understand each other. This type of personal connection is what will help all of us become more compassionate and to work to make sure all members of society are included equally in society.