When many of us think of horse we think of cowboys and the Wild West. We think of nature tamed and harnessed for the benefit of man. But do we ever stop for a second to wonder why this is so valued? These animals were once free to roam the prairies and to live without human interaction, but this has been all but eliminated.

Horses, just like any other animal, belong in nature, in their habitat with other horses. We as humans have the responsibility of protecting this habitat and to respect horses for the beautiful living creatures that they are. This planet was made with all living things in mind and our actions to stamp out all other species besides our own will only destroy us in the end. Biodiversity is essential to life and humans need animals in order to survive. Our treatment of creatures such as horses seems to indicate we’ve forgotten that, and for our own sake it’s time we set out to correct this.


Horses and humans can get along in all sorts of ways. People such as veterans and those with autism have found special connections with hoses and this relationship has dramatically improved their lives. To be able to preserve and protect these animals, more people need to have these experiences.

Our work with hoses allows people to connect personally with these animals, to see their beauty and to understand their desire to live. Having this experience is life-changing and perspective-altering and will inspire compassion towards these animals that perhaps had never been present before. Getting children involved in these events makes our impact even higher. They are the next generation and exposing them to this kind of compassion early on sets us up for a better world in the future.