Direct Change

We all know that plastic water bottles never decompose, that living on the streets must be an unbearably lonely and terrifying experience and that leaving a dog to go hungry on the streets is wrong. However, rallying people to dedicate time to addressing these issues is still a major challenge. These problems are real and need to be addressed, but powerful videos, posters, emails and Facebook posts just don’t do enough. This is why we are so focussed on Direct Assistance. We feel that if we give people the chance to connect with the cause they are supporting and to play a part in helping to resolve them, they will take action and start fighting for real change. This is at the very essence of what we do. We are about igniting a fire inside people to want to actually make the world a better place. Our events get you right up close and personal with the issues we are facing and we are confident this will have an effect on you that will change you and push you to inspire others. If you’re ready to dig into these issues and start making some real progress, come to one of our events and experience what Direct Assistance can feel like.