Humans are a part of nature. This much we know. But when did we get so disconnected from it? Big cities, information technologies and rapid transport make it easy for us to forget that we are just living things co-existing on this planet. But when did this disconnection from what is natural shift toward animals? Eating meat has been a part of the human diet since the beginning of time, but why do we eat beef instead of cow? Pork instead of pig? Something isn’t quite right. Well, that something is the fact that animal agriculture is big business. Animals are born, raised and slaughtered to be able to be packaged up and delivered daily to supermarkets. But are they not living things just like us? Don’t they deserve a life just like we do? Everything around us says no, but deep down we know this is wrong. Here are some numbers to show you just how much we’ve turned animals into nothing more than a source of food. 

  • Around 9 billion animals were killed for meat last year in the US alone

  • Globally, the number of animals killed each year totals around 40 billion

  • Trillions of aquatic animals are killed each year for food

  • 91 percent of Amazon rainforest destruction is because of animal agriculture 

We’re not the only ones worried about this. Younger generations and even professional body builders are going plant based to try and help these animals out. In fact, the largest percentage of people who are vegan or vegetarian come from the 18-29 age bracket. It makes sense, no? Would you rather your child approach a cow with love or respect, or look at it and immediately think of it as food? Animals belong on this planet as well, and it is time we start showing them that’s how we think. 


By partnering with organizations that work directly with animals, our events give people the chance to reconnect with animals and to regain what we’ve lost by totally excluding them from society. You will get the chance to learn what is happening to these animals that are raised purely for agriculture so that you can find a way to help them out. They need it more than ever. 

Spending just a short period of time with these animals will remind you that they want to live just like any other thing living on this earth. They each have a story to share and those that come to these events often feel a personal connection with these animals. Having children at these events is great; they are the next generation and it is important they are exposed to something like this early on. Once someone has had the chance to connect with these animals, they will no longer be able to look the other way and will inspire others to work to treat animals with the love and respect all living things deserve.