We like to think of our events as a golden opportunity. Our leaders work to design events that provide Direct Assistance to one of our Big 3 causes: People, Animals and the Environment. This is so open ended on purpose; we want you to find something that “speaks” to you. On the days before an event our leaders often receive calls from their friends asking, “Do you need me for the next event?” Our response to this is, “Thanks for asking, but we don’t need you. The experience is for you.” We want you to come to an event when it inspires you. If you do this, there is zero chance you will regret it and once you’ve participated you’ll be asking  “When’s the next event? Where can I go next? What can I do now?”

When you participate in one of our events know that you are joining a community of do-gooders with a common interest to yours. Some of our events involve challenging work and some of them are based around simply raising awareness about an issue, but either way, they are a great chance for you to learn about the issues you care most about, grow passionately, share time and to do it over and over and over again. Helping out is contagious and C3GB is your chance to catch the bug and join in on something that will help your community but also yourself in ways you might have never imagined. Once you come to an event, people will see the change in you and will want to know it for themselves. This is how compassion spreads and we make real progress towards creating change.

Our events are fun and engaging, and since we partner with local organizations, you will get the chance to meet some incredible people. Many volunteers start working with us on just one of our causes and quickly join in with one of the others. So, what are you waiting for? The experience is there, go out and enjoy it.