C3GB has become a very important part of my life. I have seen this wonderful organization grow extensively, change lives, make a substantial difference, engage many and enable people who simply needed a “door” to enter the charity world along with other like-minded individuals. To me personally, this organization means an opportunity to give back with ease, an opportunity to meet others with similar objectives and an opportunity to see first hand how much of an impact my actions can have. I truly believe that  giving back with actions rather than just with donations helps me grow and teaches me compassion and awareness and C3GB does an outstanding job at providing all of the above for those who join their amazing team.

Being a volunteer has helped me understand and learn much more about the city that I live in. It has provided me a much clearer picture of the needs around me while also introducing me to other beautiful organizations that I would most likely not have come across if it wasn’t for C3GB. Being a part of this group has enabled me to be much more conscious about issues that affect us all, and has given me the resources and knowledge to spread the world to others; it also reminds me often of the importance of getting involved and being aware of the impact of our actions in our day to day as well the community’s as a whole. C3GB has lifted my life by allowing me to lift others’.

The team is powerful. The team is composed of outstanding individuals with similar interests that are ready and passionate about making a difference. Jason is a fierce leader, passionate and dedicated to make this world a better place. There is constant communication, monthly opportunities to attend events and a strong social media presence with powerful messages. Action and knowledge are crucial to help others and this organization does a fantastic job at making sure we actually participate in every event and provides us with all the tools necessary to learn, spread the world and grow a positive movement of giving back with the organization as well as on our own.

As individuals, we can impact our lives and other people's’ lives by simply learning, teaching, loving, caring and sharing. But as a team of conscious individuals, coming together with a powerful mission, the opportunities of change are endless. A movement like this, spreading from city to city can truly help change the society we live in and I am thrilled to be part of such a beautiful organization and for what’s yet to come and be done.