In leading events as a People Segment Lead, I am a firm believer in doing what we can, with what we have, now. I am passionate about making an impact personally because I feel called to do so. If you can sing, sing! If you can serve, serve.    

I chose the People Segment because my segment is the warmth of a hug and the tear of joyful triumph. People are our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers and our families. We MUST heal together, we MUST grow together.

Since I made the decision to be a leader, I have had the undeserving privilege of being a part of some incredible introductions, campaigns and causes. The vulnerability we as volunteers get to witness and share is revolutionary, C3GB offers an opportunity to build bonds of acts of service and continuously introduce more hands and eyes and ears to an idea, an idea that then becomes CHANGE.

I would urge anyone from busy professionals to people between jobs. Nothing feels better. e know that it’s the right thing to do. When we set our agendas aside, something happens; you see people create time for what matters to them.

I love the format of C3GB to serve a variety of causes without the overwhelming classifieds to comb through. The intimacy of the events makes it inviting to bond, and the closeness to the cause - being there, hands on and engaged with our partners mission-makes it so much easier to care about what we are doing.

Couple of Guys and Gals Give Back came into my life in 2015. I was invited to the inaugural event and afterwards I I saddled up, literally, and participated at Equest. (Equest is an established partner and a great experience). Surrounded by the most beautiful people, coffees in hand and smiles plastered at the birds chirp of dawn, I could feel the excitement in the air - this was something special. We took the day, then Audubon came and we took the Blackland Prairie then too… and then a leadership meeting and it all just started falling into to place from there.

It’s easy to get lost in a schedule, barre class or Netflix, but the experience with Coupla of Guys and Gals Give Back  that I take away from each event, whether it’s gratitude, humility or compassion,always makes me glad I came. It feels good to do good.