This is our chance, our moment, our time. You’re here reading this because you have no doubt looked at the world around you and felt an urge to do something, to offer what you do well to help make the world a better place. C3GB is about giving people the opportunity to act on this feeling. We are approaching the problems facing society by coming at them full-on and making waves that will bring about real change. How, you ask? It’s pretty simple: you. But don’t think this is just about the good work you do. It goes further than that. This is just as much about creating change within you and those around you. REAL change comes from compassion, growth, perspective, empathy and lasting connections. Change doesn’t only come from what happens on a Saturday morning volunteer event but instead from what happens everyday after that “Saturday morning”.

This organization and our High Impact philosophy is about impacting change from multiple levels. We provide Direct Assistance to causes in need and are open to ANY and ALL causes related to People, Animals or the Environment. However, different than most attempts at philanthropy, we believe strongly that REAL change only can occur when society as a whole starts to approach these causes differently. By working to change society’s judgements, perceptions, misunderstandings and disconnections, we are providing impactful experiences to reconnect people to the causes in their community to generate change from within.

This level of coordination and execution does not come easy. In fact, it’s a monumental undertaking. Therefore, we provide an army of volunteer leaders with guidance, resources and support to provide and produce these experiences. Our impact would not be anything  without the effort from these leaders. We work tirelessly with these leaders with the goal that they will find confidence, empowerment and experience to someday start their own initiatives to change the world. If we could nurture hundreds of experienced leaders into the world each year, all excited to create change in their communities, wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, that’s exactly what we are doing!

And finally, we know we can only reach so many people with our direct experiences. So, because of that, we want to share our experiences as best as we can through social outreach and awareness campaigns. We believe this is how our work can go viral and create further change through inspiration and influence. We’ve already seen this effect as many organizations have followed our lead and started working for change.

So this is what we are all about. We are seizing this moment and empowering people so that we can rethink the issues facing society and start doing something that will bring about real change. So, what are you waiting for? Join us!