Coupla Guys and Gals Give Back means many things to me, but simply put, it is a wonderful way of paying it forward on a consistent basis. On a personal growth level, when you want to become good at anything, it takes practice. Kindness, compassion, charity, leadership, friendship, teamwork - all of these life skills have been put into action through working with Coupla Guys and Gals Give Back.

I have been involved with C3GB almost since its inception. During that time, I’ve met and become friends with so many amazing people - people who are achievers in their professions, but most importantly, people who share the desire to help others. e team up on many different kinds of events to make it happen. The single most powerful aspect of the group for me is the fact that I get to share most of the events with my kids. I have a son and a daughter who are the next generation. The values, the teamwork, the positive impact a group of passionate individuals working together can have is inspiring. I am very proud that I can pass the experiences of helping others on to the next generation and I am grateful to C3GB for being that conduit.

C3GB is unlike any other organization I have been a part of. Most charities have a specific group they help. For some, the mission is helping people. Others, it is animals. Many work to help the environment. C3GB partners with established charities, not to raise funds, but to provide direct assistance to all three categories - People, animals, and the planet. To me, direct assistance is best described as giving smiles, positive energy and elbow grease. The fact that C3GB is starting chapters all over the country is putting the “Be the change you wish to see in the world” into action.

One of my favorite quotes is “Action is the antidote to despair.” We live in a world with a lot of challenges. The best way that I have found to throw off discouragement, is to get out and help others. In my work with charities, especially C3GB, I have found that you get to experience the great feeling of giving yourself for the benefit of others. The interesting thing about this, and many fellow  “give-backers” agree - When we paint an elementary school on a Saturday morning, or plant trees for a few hours, or provide meals to people in our communities on a Sunday evening who are without homes, or whatever the activity we participate in as a group, individually we always feel more connected to people, animals, and our beautiful planet. That connection is often lost in busy careers, business travel and daily responsibilities. Giving back actually provides more and reconnects us to the world around us.

One of the elements I enjoy most about C3GB, aside from the camaraderie, is working outside. I spend a lot of time indoors for work and being able to get outside with a fantastic team of like-minded friends on a weekend morning or afternoon is much-needed. Then seeing the finished product of that teamwork sends me into a new week with a positive boost. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to give back through C3GB! Thank you!